Frequently asked questions

It's your first time working with a Landing Page HTML template? Here you can learn the basics of landing pages and HTML templates. Before editing your template allow 5 minutes and read the FAQ

  • Learn how to edit the HTML template
  • Installing the template on your server
  • Change colors and edit images inside the template

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A HTML/CSS Template is a pre-designed layout that will help you build a final website. HTML ( HyperText Markup Language) is the basic coding to create web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it's used to define and style the HTML elements. HTML is used to allow a plain text file to display a formatted website with text, images, scripts, animations, forms and other website elements. HTML is the language used by web browsers to dynamically format and display web pages.

The "landing page" term is used for a standalone web page created specifically for the purposes of marketing and advertising your services. Usually a landing page is one single web page, and all important content is included in that page only, designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).

To install this landing page you will need to copy all the files included in one demo folder to your web server root folder. If you don't have a hosting account and a domain, you will need to register one and link it to a hosting server. The main index.html file will be the main page users will see when entering your web domain url.

A regular HTML/CSS template does NOT include a CMS (Content Management System) to edit/add content of the pages. All content is edited using a HTML editor. HTML editors can be found as free and paid versions. Some modern HTML editors have included a DESIGN view mode of the code, making it easier for templates to be edited. Regular ones will let you edit the content only from the code mode, meaning you will need to have a basic HTML coding knowledge. A good free HTML editor is Notepad++.

To edit the content of the HTML template you must use an HTML Editor (see FAQ- How can I edit the landing page?). In this landing page templates colors can be managed using the CSS style.css file. There, all colors are added to all the specific elements using this example format:

For a text color:


For a background color:


All you need to do when changing colors is finding a color picker and replace the colors inside the CSS style.css file. The most commont type of color format is hexadecimal colors code (Ex: #RRGGBB).

To edit the content of the HTML template you must use an HTML Editor (see FAQ- How can I edit the landing page?). In this landing page templates images can be edited by replacing the "img" source used inside the index.html file, and inside the style.css file

For a regular image found inside the HTML index file, just replace the name "users-64.png" and the SRC "src=''" of the line below:

img src="images/icons/icons-64/users-64.png" alt="" title=""

A background image used for example in style.css:

background:url(images/drop-down-faq-selected.png) no-repeat center;

In this template the "Login" and "Signup" forms are simple HTML design elements. In order to make them functional you will need to add programming to the template. And also connect it to a database, or to your own CMS (Content Management System). You can use for example PHP to make an user Content Management System that will allow users to login and signup on your website.